Regaining Brand Image and Price Control in Amazon

Case Study: A Premium Home Goods Brand Partner with Global-1-Seller


A premium home goods brand specializing in gourmet cookies with a direct-to-consumer focus as well as distribution in high-end retail channels through Dollar General, Publix, and Fresco. Prior to partnering with Global-1-Seller, the Amazon channel was controlled by unauthorized sellers who were damaging the brand through poor representation, low content standards, and erratic pricing. The gourmet cookies brand partnered with Global-1-Seller to take control of the channel, optimize their presence, and unlock growth.

Brand Protection

Using proprietary listing scraping technology, we identified and worked with the brand to remove all unauthorized sellers to stabilize pricing, eliminate channel conflict, and capture existing brand demand.

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Capture Market Share

Utilizing all Amazon advertising products to drive incremental visibility in the category, we successfully helped the gourmet cookies brand capture market share from key competitors.

Optimization & Scale

Global-1-Seller leveraged all Amazon merchandising and advertising tools to expand reach and extract maximum value from every gourmet cookies customer through programs like DSP and Subscribe & Save.

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By partnering with Global-1-Seller, the gourmet cookies brand was able to regain control of its Amazon channel, ensuring consistent brand representation and pricing. This strategic approach not only resolved the issues of unauthorized sellers but also positioned the gourmet cookies brand for significant growth. Market share within the category increased, customer engagement improved, and the brand’s overall presence on Amazon was optimized, leading to sustained success and expansion.

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